torsdag 27. mars 2014

A Friend Tag

Over at StampArtic we have an sponsor article. This time we got some stamp from North Star Stamping. 
I got two. One texte and one image. Thy fits very well together so I decided to make a Tag. 

 This is the text. I am happy you are my friend. Love you.... it says in Norwegian.

 This is the beautiful image. She is really great for young girls.

And this is the tag - all of it. I had a great time making this one. But I am a bit late posting it. I don`t have a internet connection at home, something is wrong. Hopefully it will work later today.
Head over to the StampArtic blog and see what the rest of the girls have done. That is truly something special for everyone.

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misty sa...

Love it! So colorful and fun!