fredag 10. januar 2014

Recycling- gjennvinning hos StampArtic

We have a montly articel over at StampArtic and this month it is about recycling. We in the designteam has made something from packaging material. I guess some of us has bit of that after christmas.
I have to admit that I didn`t have any I wanted to use for this. But I had something else I been holding on to for a while. 
I had an envelope from about two years ago, I ordered something from Donna Downey and liked the envelope so much I didn`t trow it away. 
I also had some acrylic left over from some Tim Holtz packaging, 

 I wasn`t sure what I wanted to make, but I had to make something. And suddenly I got it. Maybe kind of boring, but I needed one so.....

I decided to make a birthdaycard. The envelope became the base of the card and I used to lefover papers from my scrap to make the card. 
The acrylic became a kind of frame. I did make the "images" on my computer and cut it to size.
All the embellishments are really old stuff from my stash, so this is "upcycling"
I made the inside of the card like a kind of popup card.

So head over to the StampArtic blog and take a look at the amazing projects to the other DT`s.
And ofcours, try it out for yourself.

This card is made after the template from  the YouTube video from Ellen Hutson LLL. Hello, Monday 12.16.2013

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