onsdag 12. oktober 2011

Some of my work I made before I left for a small vacation.

I been on a small vacation to Tenerife and had a great time with my hubby, sister and her four kids. We just enjoyed the hole week.
Before we left I made a couple of birthday tags for my nephews. And yesteday I finished of a card I made for a friend of mine. She will give it the her sister in law.

This is the front and inside of the tag.


On this last page I made room for a pictuere, on the pink panel and you can also add one at the brown belt on the next site. This was it for this time.

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bestevenn sa...

Herlige kort og tags, Gunn. Kjempemorsomt til barn med biler og bamser og flotte farger, og herlig motiv til dame!!!