fredag 11. februar 2011

A birthday card

I made this card for my niece at her birthday the 4th of february. I know she have received it so I just post it.
I used paper from my stash and I have a lot of paper. This is really old, but I like it anyway. It is time for me to use some of all the pretty papers I have laying around, it is really ment to be used, don`t you agree?

So I  wanted to experience a bit with colorcombinations. I like this one even tough it is kind of rare.
This Aussie girl I got from a friend of mine years ago, she is stamped on glossy paper and I had a hard time color her in. It is difficult to use copics on glossy, so I used different medium to color her.
Anyway, I like this one and I had fun making this tent card.

2 kommentarer:

Karen@CCC sa...

Another fab card Gunn, Love the lacy frame and the image is adorable. Your colouring is amazing too. xxx

Anonym sa...

Kjempestilig kort dette!
Elsker fargene og design:) Tøfft!
Takk for koselig besøk, og gode ord!
Liker forresten stemplene dine, blir nok å sjekke ut og bestille litt fra den digi-shopen, så kjekkt med digitalt at man kan kjøpe det man vil ha på noen sekunder:)
Ha en riktig god helg:)
Klem Lill