søndag 11. april 2010

ArtJournal page- to long since my last one.

I do or rather did make Artjournaling and loved it so much. Just playing with different things and and that is pure pleasure. But I have been into cardmaking for a while now.
So I got the need to make an AJ page and I have a litle goal for myself- try to make one or two (at least) pr. month for the rest of the year.
This time I wanted to make a page and include the lyrics from an Norwegian song by Kine Hellebust- De handle om å leve- ( It`s all about living) because I like that song so much.
Ok, enough talk. Here is my page or rather two. This one I made in my Moleskine journal

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Åshild sa...

Så herlig å se en art journal-side igjen, Gunn! Jeg savner det også... kommer liksom ikke i gang, jeg...